Literature is for everyone


The Special Relationship has been creating and hosting literary events since 2010. Our goal is to create memorable events that celebrate the written word.

We like to collaborate/integrate/mix with other artistic forms (e.g. illustration, video, music, set design, dance, theatre). We want to bring new audiences to literature. We aim to produce unique literary events that include the participation of under-represented individuals and groups. Literature is for everyone.

  • In Billions of Years, the Sun Will Swallow the Earth

    A literature-visual installation exploring the themes of parenthood and childhood between the tumultuous years of 2016-2020.

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  • A Delicate Sight

    Darkness, closed books, unseen pictures and partially heard songs explore the promise of the imagination.

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  • Moby Dick Unabridged

    Four days of classic prose, new artworks, live performances and fresh clam chowder.

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  • The Story Machine

    Part-funhouse, part-literature festival

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