In Billions of Years, the Sun Will Swallow the Earth

A literature-visual installation exploring the themes of parenthood and childhood between the tumultuous years of 2016-2020.

A very slow animated GIF; each frame is visible for about ten seconds. Bethnal Green Churchyard in Winter. A whippet is meandering back and forth across a snowy path; it pauses midway to seemingly glance at the camera, then vanishes out of sight.

Of all the clichés about parenting, no one talks about how easy time travel becomes.

Currently In Production

A collaboration with the photographer Andy Sewell and producer Ed Prosser, exploring our sense of time and space.

Locked down in the summer of 2020, the author Jarred McGinnis reflects on his experiences as a male primary-carer and a disabled parent. His thoughts return to his daughter’s birth in 2016. Moving from their time in Mexico after she was born, through their hour of exercise spent together in a Bethnal Green churchyard, and imagining their lives as she grows up. It is a work that is equally moving and funny but also barbed with the truths of being a father during the strange and tumultuous years of 2016 – 2020.