A Delicate Sight

Darkness, closed books, unseen pictures and partially heard songs explore the promise of the imagination.

A composite of nine sequential stills from 'A Delicate Site'. Someone gradually covers a window with a large piece of material, until almost all light is extinguished and the frame is almost entirely dark.


From 2015 visual artist Sam Winston started using a blacked-out studio to make art in. Winston lived and drew without sight, creating images that were informed by sound, touch and the written word.

Sam approached a group of writers – Bernardine Evaristo, Max Porter, Raymond Antrobus and Don Paterson – and asked them to take part in ‘darkness residences’. They each spent a period of time, ranging from a few hours to overnight, in complete blackout. From their experience, they generated drawings, texts and film inspired by their time in the dark.

'A Delicate Sight' film
A twenty minute film about darkness, creativity and life beyond the screen. Featuring Raymond Antrobus, Bernardine Evaristo, Don Paterson, Max Porter and Sam Winston.

Some of the UK’s most acclaimed authors […] have been searching for the light of inspiration in an unusual way: shutting themselves away for hours in complete darkness.

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Can we escape from information overload ? We live in an age of infinite scrolling and endless interruptions. So what happens when you switch off the lights

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