Episode 28: The Iron Fan Defense


Since the 1986 ban, no literary variety night has dared to put on a live evening of ALL graphic novel entertainment. Join us on Tuesday September 10 for a special night featuring 4 (count ’em, FOUR!) graphic novelists:

  • S.J. Harris – ‘Eustace’ 
  • Hannah Berry -‘Britten and Brülightly’ and ‘Adamtine’
  • Tom Humberstone – ‘Ellipsis’, ‘Solipsistic Pop’ and ‘How to Date a Girl in 10 Days’ 
  • William Goldsmith – ‘Vignettes of Ystov’ and ‘The Reverence Library Volume One’ 
  • Toby Litt – ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ and novels in alphabetical order

How will they do it? What will they do? Buy a ticket and find out!*

*Anyone dressed as Harvey Pekar or Robert Crumb gets in for free.

The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street
Tuesday September 10
Doors at 7.15, show at 7.30